Peter Charnock, Managing Director - Need For Achievement Ltd
“We have worked with Steve for the last 8 years and have been continually thankful for his professional and hard-working approach. He has a deep knowledge of what is required for training design, development, and delivery, which results in effective and inspiring interventions. Steve is easy to work with. His proactive approach has made him a “go-to” trainer and his service delivery is second to none. We will continue to work for a long time to come.”
Saul Jeavons, Director - The Transafe Network
Steve Collier is a well respected expert in the field of drug recognition training and rightly so. We are pleased to have him as an associate for the delivery of a range of courses relating to drug driving for enforcement agencies and the corporate sector. “
Chas Trendall - TrafTrain Ltd
“He has an inspirational method of training keeping the interest of the group fulfilled by his knowledge and inclusiveness of all being trained.”
Vista Training LLP
Working with Blueknight Learning is always a positive experience. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of operation as well as being a conscientious and effective training provider. We are pleased to be associated with Blueknight Learning Ltd
Brian Wrigley - Business Coach
Steve is a remarkable businessman who has developed and continues to develop his business skills through continuous learning. From his previous occupation in the police force, Steve has taken on the challenges of running his own business, developing marketing skills as well as the other important skills, which all added to the skills and knowledge he developed in the police force. His expertise in his own subject is unquestionable, but it is his determination to take on and deal with each new challenge that always impresses me.
Charles Moffat - DSA Driving Instructor
I managed Steve for around 25 years. I always found him to be a committed and professional individual. 

He was a police officer of unquestioned honesty and integrity. 

He had a first-rate brain and was able to appreciate both the detailed tactics of a case and to see the bigger picture. 

He developed and regularly displayed experience and expertise in the fields of drug and alcohol awareness, collision investigation and traffic matters; indeed, he made a conspicuous difference to his Force’s capacity and reputation in that respect. 

He is an excellent trainer who truly cares about his subject and developing others. 

He was an officer whom it was easy to do business with because he was clear in his opinion and yet was prepared to take advice. 

Fortunately, he also has a much needed and good sense of humour. 

I have no hesitation in commending him as a highly appropriate within law enforcement
Pete Bell - Mobile Data Training Manager
Stephen is a straight forward no nonsense person with a passion and flair for education in matters pertaining to road safety. He was instrumental in Northamptonshire Police for the research, design and delivery of many courses aimed at the Law Enforcement Community and informing the Public at large. He has successfully carried this on into the Private sector and I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen both as a consumate trainer but also a fair and decent individual
Hilary Banks - Director GB Consultancy - Criminal Justice
During my time as Head of Criminal Justice at Northants Police I had many dealings with Steve, particularly in the area of drugs and alcohol impairment testing, in which he was the force expert and often called to give evidence as an expert witness. Steve always maintained a professional persona and was able to articulate his thoughts extremely well, adapting to the target audience appropriately. In the 30+ years that I have known Steve, I have always found him to be honest, hardworking and trustworthy, with a keen sense of humour which made him very popular both inside and outside the service.
Robbie Burns - Head of Training - Screen4
It’s true to say that I learnt most of what I know about impaired driving from Steve and it was he who set me onto a similar career path. I have recently worked with Steve in Hong Kong and I can confirm his meticulous attention to detail and his subject knowledge is second to none. Needless to say it’s a pleasure to work for and with him!

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