Two Cities – Two Cops- Two Murders and a race against time.

Kill Switch is my third novel written as my Masters dissertation. It’s not quite ready for launching yet. I need to give it a few tweeks here and there, but hopefully will appear sometime during 2019/20. It is set in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and the not so hustle and bustle of Northamptonshire.

In the early morning dawn of Hong Kong city, the body of a young female is found in a seedy downtown nightclub. Two days later another body is found in a hotel room. Linking the two murders together, newly promoted Detective Inspector of Police Mandy Lee and her ageing mentor Martin Cheung discover a link to an imminent cyber attack on a UK police database.

Sending Lee to the UK to investigate she is teamed with PC Ed Roberts, a traffic cop on light duties following an attack on him outside the police station in Northampton. Lee and Roberts discover that he was working on the same case but from different perspectives and end up in a battle to save their own lives and that of an internet hacker, with little time to stop the cyber attack that would expose police officers retired, serving and their families to a world of people who should never know who they are.