Great Reviews for Driving Dead

‘Very fast paced, dramatic suspense/thriller with likeable characters and a lot of twists. I definitely would read more by this author, I think this was a really well written book!’

‘One of this year’s best! A great read interesting throughout with good character development. Recommend!!!’

I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. It is my first book read by this author. I hope to read more books by this author.

A gripping new crime thriller for all fans of Stuart McBride, Peter James and Mark Billingham

‘With horror, she felt all the muscles in her body cramp, as her body went into an uncontrollable spasm her right foot hit the accelerator pedal and lay there like a brick’

When a woman is killed and her family seriously injured in a road collision, Jake Jordan and his team are called in to investigate. Discovering a water bottle laced with a substance which causes drivers to have seizures and die while driving, Jordan enlists the help of Kirsty Kingsfield and her long time microbiologist friend Dr Tanya Nicholls to analyse and deconstruct the drug.

As the detectives pursue the murderer, Kirsty finds her suspicions aroused towards Tanya and confronts her with Jordan. Meeting with Detective Inspector Fletcher Randall, they organise a sting, but the murderer is one step ahead. The police find themselves faced with an abduction and near fatal collision as a result.

The search for the perpetrator leads the investigative team closer to home. Will Jordan and Kirsty uncover the killer before it’s too late?