Eighteen months ago. Chinatown, London. A police raid goes disastrously wrong. People die.  Today, those police officers involved in the swoop are dead. Serial, Purple One Five, are all dead, except the serial commander – Sergeant Brian Gibson.

In Hong Kong, a woman’s body is discovered in a seedy downtown Wan Chai hotel. Detective Inspector of Police MANDY LEE  must determine who she is and who killed her.  Lee identifies the woman as Andrea Ventress-Gibson. Her investigation leads her to the UK, but Andrea’s new husband, Sergeant Brian Gibson, is missing – whereabouts unknown.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Road Policing Officer PC ED ROBERTS discovers a cyber-attack on a police database committed by a Hong Kong underworld organisation – Crimson Dragon. Ordered to chaperone D. I. Lee, they soon find that their enquiries are linked.

Against orders, Roberts follows Lee to London’s Chinatown, where they come into direct conflict with CRIMSON DRAGON, Lee confirming her suspicions that her estranged step-brother is involved.

Can Lee and Roberts discover Gibson’s whereabouts and stop CRIMSON DRAGON?