Crime fiction five star reviews on Amazon.

What they said about the First Edition of Blind Murder:

‘His writing style has a cold, steel-like ring of police jargon [and] incorporates twists in the plot that (without giving the game away) smack crime fiction tradition in the face’
‘An excellent book and what I particularly like is the fact that it doesn’t always go where you think it will.’
‘I love the way the characters are developed right the way through the book, allowing you to connect with them and feel like this is not the first instalment. A juggernaut of twist at the end had me wanting the next book now!’

Blind Murder is a crime novel set in Northamptonshire pitting the wits of traffic cop Jake Jordan and Kirsty Kingsfield on their first mystery against a psychopath, Bingham Tyler, who is seeking revenge and dares anyone who gets in his way.

Bingham Tyler is a psychopath and wants revenge against Jim Kingsfield.

Set in the picturesque county of Northamptonshire, the story start in 1994 when a woman is found stabbed to death on a Northampton council estate by probationary PC Jim Kingsfield. His first murder.

Eighteen years later, Detective Inspector Jim Kingsfield, now married to forensic pathologist Kirsty, is unaware that he and his wife are being targeted by Bingham who’s lust for revenge will have explosive and life changing consequences for them all.

Jake Jordan is a traffic cop thrown into this revenge fuelled mix, putting his job to the test while his marriage falls apart. Can Jake stop the carnage wrought by Bingham before it’s too late?