Blind Murder

Published 2014 – New Generation Publishing

Driving Dead

Release date 28 January 2019

Blind Murder

Blind Murder was Stephen’s debut crime novel, self-published in 2014 by New Generation Publishing. The story is set in East Midlands town of Northampton and its surrounding area. A town where Stephen worked for thirty or more years as a copper.

It is an original work using not only a detective, who’s a nice chap, and a traffic cop, who’s an even nicer chap! Despite the historical animosity between the detective branch and the traffic branch on this occasion they are thrown together in a revenge fulled mix of murder and mayhem.

Driving Dead – Released 28 January 2019

Driving Dead is Stephen’s sequel to Blind Murder, continuing Jake Jordan’s nightmare with the seemingly ever present spectre of Bingham Tyler in the background of a new conundrum. Jake and his growing affection for Dr Kirsty Kingsfield are again in the middle of a case that baffles from the beginning. Why are drivers, and only drivers suffering seizures and death at the wheel of their cars?  And who is producing the drug which causes this to happen? The answer is closer to home than they think.