The International Impaired Driver Recognition Course


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The history of how we got to this course is long and varied. During the early 2000’s a UK Government study provided alarming details about the problem of driving while under the influence of drugs. As a result the UK police service went about finding a way of identifying drivers who may (or may not) be under the influence of drugs.

It became apparent that this problem was wide spread and after a period of trials opted for a series of divided attention tests used in the United States since the late 1970’s. These became known in the UK as the Field Impairment Test (FIT). The training also included a system of drug identification using drug categories that can be found elsewhere on this site.(DRT)

There became a need to train police officers to teach these techniques, which began as a four day course, but increased to five days simply because of the amount of information the delegate needed and, of course, be tested on.

The ‘Instructors’ course as it was then known continued without interval until a change of policy within the police service curtailed the official training of instructors. A similar course is now ONLY available from Blueknight Ltd: –

Aim: This five (5) day course will provide student’s with the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver Field Impairment Testing and Drug Influence Recognition. This is a masterclass that enables the student to become proficient in the use of FIT, understand the problems of the differing types of impaired driving, and clearly recognise the signs and symptoms of drug use in drivers.

Course Content:

Module 1 – Understanding the aims and objectives of the training and the historical perspective
Module 2 – Relevant legislation and practices
Module 3 – Field Impairment Testing
Module 4 – Using Securetec Drugwipe
Module 5 – Human Physiology and the role of the forensic physician
Module 6 – Other conditions associated with Impaired Driving (e.g Fatigue) 
Module 7 – Interpreting the signs and symptoms of drug influence
Module 8 – Written Examination & Practical Assessments

The next course will be run on a demand basis. For POLICE forces, or other PUBLIC services wishing further information should CONTACT US with your details.

We can also run the course at your location with a minimum of 10 officers in attendance. Other courses may be arranged dependent on demand.

We try to ensure that all our delegates work in the right environment for learning. Therefore this course is a residential course.  A course run at your location will be run locally, taking your advice.

About the Trainer.

Stephen Collier is a retired police officer and the original author of the National Drug Drive Instructors Course written for the (then) Association of Chief Police Officers and The Crown.(DfT). Stephen has traveled the world training police officers, corporate representatives and public sector entities in a range of driver impairment courses. A published author, Stephen spends his ‘retirement’ training UK police instructors, speaking at events and is an expert witness for the prosecution.

Blueknight Ltd only uses subject matter experts in their training. That way delegates can be assured of receiving the most up to date and accurate training on this subject. All trainers for this training are, or have been, trained as Drug Recognition Experts. Trained in the United States.

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