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The company is in the enviable position of being able to offer accredited training in respect of National Drug Drive Training (Field Impairment Testing and Drug Influence Recognition). And now includes the new legislation on drug driving. We are the foremost company in the country who are able to provide this training.

Stephen Collier was the principal UK trainer for this technique prior to his retirement from the police service. He maintains a direct responsibility for this training by sitting on the Department for Transport committee for training and development of FIT and National Drug Drive Training

The  course available will be run by the company as and when the need demands. Forces interested in this training should contact us for further details.

Field Impairment Testing and Drug Influence Recognition Practitioners Course
(2 Days minimum)

Aim: To provide students with the skills and knowledge to administer the Field Impairment Tests and understand the influence of drugs on a person

Course Content:
Legal  and Procedural Aspects
Review of new and current legislation
Preliminary Impairment Testing and the Code of Practice
Visual detection of the impaired driver
The Investigative Procedure
Case Preparation and Evidential Issues and Case Law
Station Procedures
Role of the Forensic Physician
The Field Impairment Tests
Pupillary Examination
Drug Influence Recognition
Drug Categories
Indicators of drug influence  for the seven category’s

This course can be run at your location or arrangements can be made with us to identify an appropriate place, whichever suits your budget. This course is run annually, although others may be available dependent on demand.

Contact us now to talk about your force requirements.

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