Driver Impairment

There are several reasons why the problem of impaired drivers and an ability to operate a motor vehicle safely should be foremost in the mind of all those who use the roads from law enforcement to the single vehicle operator.

With an ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads and a real lack of sustained enforcement of traffic regulations, the standard of driving nationwide is a cause for concern.

Impaired drivers (and in this instance we should include, drink, drugs, driver fatigue and general driver incompetence) adds a further burden to our already stretched Police Road Policing Units.

The Blueknight Consultancy  can offer a number of training courses on these very subjects. In particular, drug impaired driving is the keystone on which our trainers are predicated.

We have the following training basic training available. For bespoke training requirements please contact us.

  1. Drug Drive Recognition course (for police officers/staff).
    1. Duration: 5 Days
    2. Cost: (On application)
  2. Alcohol and Driving – Back to basics – what you really should know.
    1. Duration: 1 day
    2. Cost: £400.00
  3. Drugs and Driving Taster days
    1. Duration: 1 Day
    2. Cost £400.00
  4. Identifying the signs and symptoms of drug use in drivers.
    1. Duration: 2 Days
    2. Cost: £800.00

About the Trainer.

Stephen Collier is a retired police officer and the original author of the National Drug Drive Instructors Course written for the (then) Association of Chief Police Officers and The Crown.(DfT). Stephen has traveled the world training police officers, corporate representatives and public sector entities in a range of driver impairment courses. A published author, Stephen spends his ‘retirement’ training UK police instructors, speaking at events and is an expert witness for the prosecution.

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