Drink driving, don't do itThe offence of driving under the influence of alcohol was introduced in the 1967 Road Safety Act, and it  also introduced the breath test. Before that the police had to rely on an offence from the 1870 Licensing Act (drunk in charge of a carriage.)

Technology and the law has come along way since then, and now the UK has some of the most robust drink driving laws in the world.

Legislation may have come a long way but the problem of educating those who think

dont drink and drive warning message illustration that they can ‘drive better on a pint’ is an ongoing campaign. 50,000 drivers were convicted of drink drive offences in 2012, 90% of whom were male.

Although drink drive deaths on the road increased by 26% in 2013, it is still a far cry from the drink drive deaths figure of 1,640 in 1979. But the 290 deaths in 2013 are still far too many.

The Blueknight Consultancy is able to provide some of that education to your workforce. We can provide a dont drink and drive warning message illustration60-90 minute presentation on the perils of drink driving, taking you on a virtual drinking tour, providing correct and up to date information, some rules of thumb and to allow you to make up your own mind about drinking and driving. Please contact us about this presentation

12 months disqualification (Mandatory)
Fine up to £5000
6 months in prison or both, and
A criminal record

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